The Connie Dungs - Eternal Bad Luck Charm

Back in 2000 when we founded Stardumb Records, a CD which soon became one of our all time favorite punk rock albums was released on Mutant Pop Records: "Eternal Bad Luck Charm", a powerful, heartfelt breakup record, and the final album by Kentucky's Connie Dungs

Now, 13 years later, we're very proud to announce Stardumb is re-releasing that album, for the first time ever on vinyl! This limited 13th anniversary LP will be released on Friday 13th December 2013. Only (13x13=) 169 copies will be available, half of which on white vinyl, the other half black! Unlike Mutant Pop's CD version, the songs appear in the order the band originally had in mind. The sleeves are silk screened and numbered by hand and it comes with a 4 page booklet including all lyrics.

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