Even in Blackouts

I’m super happy to announce I’ll be able to call these fine folks of 
Even In Blackouts Stardumb family from now on!

After Screeching Weasel broke up in 2002, John Jughead Pierson formed Even In Blackouts as an “acoustic pop punk” band and that same year I got to see them a bunch of times in a row when I tagged along with The Manges for their US tour. I loved Even In Blackouts' unique sound right away and throughout the years they recorded four great albums. 

Those albums were only released on CD though, so the LP we’ll be putting out will actually be their very first vinyl release! The record consists of 16
 songs taken from their four CD’s (some would call this LP a "Best Of", but leave it to Jughead to come with the way more fancy title “The Princess Foretold by Her Henchmen, Even”) and should be out in time for their gig at the amazing Punk Rock Raduno festival in Italy this July. 

More info soon!

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