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Geoff Palmer - An Otherwise Negative Situation (LP) (PRE-ORDER)

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Please note: This is a pre-order. Complete orders including this LP will ship in the second half of October. Pre-order also available from The Machine Shop (US), Brassneck (UK), and Endless Detention (AU). 

Geoff Palmer might have left New England for Madison WI, but that didn't keep him from recording a brand new full-length with his long-time friends Zack Spraque on drums and Kurt Baker on bass. On these 10 new songs Geoff is seemingly effortlessly and perfectly bridging the gap between power pop and pop punk again, like only he can. 

Pressing info: 
100x FOMO Yellow vinyl (Pre-Order only!!!) 
150x Clear vinyl with black smoke 
250x Black vinyl 
200x CD 

1. Give It Up 
2. We Run 
3. Surfin’ Nebraska 
4. Ignite 
5. Dark Thoughts 
6. FOMO 
7. In The Grooves 
8. Stuck With You 
9. Backseat Driver 
10. Like A Dove 

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