Dec. 2016:

It's been a while, but we're back! With a brand new 7" by two of the nicest guys in punk rock: KEPI GHOULIE & HERVÉ PEAWEE.

These long time friends met up earlier this year to record two acoustic covers of one of their favorite bands: The Clash. Kepi takes vocal duties on 'Straight To Hell' and Hervé sings 'Lover's Rock'. The 7" comes with two inserts, featuring art by Kepi and Stardumb Records' Stefan Tijs.

The 7" will be out Dec. 31st, but if you pre-order now you'll receive an exclusive Kepi postcard set as a bonus! Check our webstore for order info!



24 April 2014: Out now! The limited edition compilation LP 'The Cult Of TOYS THAT KILL'. Order here!



Apr. 2014:

Very proud to announce we'll be releasing 'The Cult Of TOYS THAT KILL', a limited compilation LP, just in time for Toys That Kill's first European tour in 9 years.

The LP contains 21 songs, including some rare or out of print stuff like the songs from their 2001 Stardumb 7" and the Joy Division cover 'Failures'. See our releases section for the complete track listing.

Only 200 copies pressed. No. 1-100 are on black & blue vinyl with black & blue sleeves, 101-200 are on black vinyl with black & white sleeves.

Check our webstore for order info!



Fri. 13 Dec. 2013: Out now! The 13th anniversary LP 'Eternal Bad Luck Charm' by THE CONNIE DUNGS. Order here!


The Connie Dungs - Eternal Bad Luck Charm  

Nov. 2013: Back in 2000 when we founded Stardumb Records, a CD which soon became one of our all time favorite punk rock albums was released on Mutant Pop Records: 'Eternal Bad Luck Charm', a powerful, heartfelt break-up record, and the final album by Kentucky's CONNIE DUNGS.

Now, 13 years later, we're very proud to announce Stardumb's re-releasing that album, for the first time on vinyl! This limited 13th anniversary LP will be released on Friday 13th December 2013. Only (13x13=) 169 copies will be available, half of which on white vinyl, the other half black! Unlike Mutant Pop's CD version, the songs appear in the order the band originally had in mind. The sleeves are silk screened by hand and hand numbered and it comes with a 4 page booklet including all lyrics.

Check our webstore for order info! Also available from webstores in the USA, Japan, Austria, France and more.



Dec. 2012: It's been in the works for quite a while, but finally we can proudly present to you:

THE ART OF KEPI - The Rise of Kepiland 2000-2012

What we're talking about is a 200+ pages thick full color art book featuring 500+ images of shiny bright Kepi paintings and more!
The book was released on Dec. 20th and costs 18 euro a copy, available from our webstore, Interpunk and more places around the globe.



Oct. 2011: On the 28th of October we're releasing two brand new LP's!

First there's 'Rockin' For A Living', Kurt Baker (of Leftovers fame) his new red hot power pop album featuring 2 covers and 8 brand new originals. One of those (which Kurt wrote together with Tommy Dunbar of The Rubinoos!) is available for download from Kurt's site now!

Next up is the self titled debut album of Rotterdam's newest pop punk outfit The Windowsill, featuring (ex-)Apers Marien Nicotine, Jerry Hormone and Ivo Backbreaker plus ex-Accelerator Sander Wire.

Both bands will play live at the release party in Exit, Rotterdam and Kurt Baker will tour around Europe in the weeks after that. Don't miss out!

The LP's (incl. DL codes), as well as the CD version of The Windowsill album (on Monster Zero), are available from our store now!

Tracklisting, pressing info, etc. can be found here!



October 2010: Hey hey! Our 50th release (a double LP incl. CD) with 28 brand new recordings is out now. 14 Stardumb related bands including The Manges, The Apers, El Pino And The Volunteers, Accelerators, Zatopeks, Peawees, Kepi Ghoulie & Jerry Hormone, etc. etc. recorded a new song as well as a cover of a song Stardumb previously released. Check our the complete tracklisting over at our releases section!

You can order the record now from web store as well as from Interpunk (USA), It's Alive (USA), Hyper Enough (Japan), Sugar and Spice (Benelux) and more!

If you want to hear it first, check out the stream over at Amp.



Mar. 2009: The debut CD/LP by the Accelerators is out now! The release party was a huge success (check some photos here) and the album is available from our store, Squinty Joe Records, It's Alive, Interpunk, Sonic, etc.

Listen to the record over at and feel free to download mp3's of the songs 'I'm Not Sorry' and 'Go Get Your Brain Checked'.

Pressing info:
250 Black vinyl LP's
250 White vinyl with black splatters LP's
1,000 digipack CD's

Some reviews in Dutch: 1 2 3 4 5 6
Some reviews in English: 1 2 3 4



Oct. 2008: We at Stardumb Records have the distinct pleasure to announce a brand new 7" EP, 'The Lives And Loves Of KEPI GHOULIE & JERRY HORMONE'!
Sharing vocals on three previously unreleased originals, Kepi (ex-Groovie Ghoulies) and Jerry (ex-The Apers, ex-Ragin' Hormones, The Quotes) prove to be the Paul McCartney and Michael Jackson of punk rock!

You can hear the songs here.

The 7 inches are available from stores and mail-orders around the globe as well as from our store now.

  Dec 2016: Listen to Hervé sing 'Lover's Rock' here!  
  Dec 2016: Listen to Kepi sing 'Straight To Hell' here!  
  Dec 2013: See the new video for 'Captured' by The Connie Dungs here!  
  Feb 2012: Later this year Stardumb's gonna put out a Kepi art book! We already collected a whole lot of images, but are still looking for some more! If you happen to be the proud owner of a Kepi original, feel free to send a photo of it to kepi[at]stardumbrecords[dot]com
Please understand we might not be able to use every photo we'll receive, but all help is surely appreciated! Thanks!
  Oct 2011: See Kurt Baker's brand new video for 'Don't Steal My Heart Away' here!  
  Sep 2011: The artwork as well as the tracklisting for the debut album of The Windowsill is now up in our releases section. And you can hear the song 'Mess Me Up' over here!  
  Sep 2011: Our 53th release will be the debut LP of Marien Nicotine's new band The Windowsill, feat. Ivo Backbreaker and Jerry Hormone. The CD will be available from Monster Zero. More info soon!  
  Sep 2011: Check out the artwork for our next Stardumb release, a great 10 song 12" power pop rocket by Portland, Maine's Kurt Baker of Leftovers fame! More info soon!  
  Aug 2011: We're working on not one but two new Stardumb releases right now! More info soon!  
  Dec 2010: Listen to Stardumb 50 streaming over at Amp Magazine. You'll find an interview with Stefan about 10 years of Stardumb Records there too.  
  Nov 2010: A new interview (in Dutch) with Stefan about Stardumb can be found in Speaker 78.  
  Oct 2010: The STARDUMB RUMBLE was a blast! Thanks everyone! Lots of photos were added to our Facebook page.  
  Oct 2010: For a week or two you can find Stardumb 50 streaming over at the Luisterpaal.  
  Oct 2010: There's an interview with Stefan at page 4 of NL10 (nr 21) as well as an item about Stardumb in the Thu. 14 Oct. edition of Metro. Both are in Dutch.  
  Oct 2010: Next to the double LP mentioned on the left, Stardumb's releasing another record during the Rumble. We're proud to announce the very first 7" by ANNE FRANK ZAPPA (feat. Jerry Hormone, Elle Bandita & Marcel A. Wiebenga I) Click here for the tracklisting and cover art.  
  15 and 16 October 2010 we're having a STARDUMB RUMBLE in Rotterdam as the release party of our 50th release and to celebrate 10 years of Stardumb! Bands playing include the PEAWEES, KEPI GHOULIE, THE MADD, ZATOPEKS and many many more. Click here for more info!  
  July 2010: Whaddayaknow, we're on Twitter now too!  
  June 2010: We're on Facebook now too! We'll be adding lots of pics, flyers and other stuff over the coming weeks, so come over, check it out and like us!  
  June 2010: 2010 seems to become the last year for The Methadones. Read an interview with Dan for more info here.  
  May 2010: Beyond Lickin' just released an awesome new LP with a great sleeve illustrated by Erik Kriek. 11 new tunes including a Travoltas and a The Jesus & Mary Chain cover. Hot stuff! I just added it to our webstore (as well as some other LP's)!  
  Apr. 2010: Our friends at Rock 'n' Roll Highschool launched a site called Reading Rocks with lots of useful info for bands and anyone else who works or wants to work in the music biz. Check it out here.  
  Mar. 2010: The Accelerators will hit the road for a 50 shows European tour. Check their MySpace for more info!  
  Aug. 2009: Kepi Ghoulie will be over for a full European tour booked by Teenage Head next month, but before that you'll be able to find him doing some shows in Germany and Holland with Vic Ruggiero plus he's having some art shows together with Stefan Stardumb around Europe as well. Check their sites for more info.  
  Jun. 2009: Brandon Tussey of A Radio With Guts recorded his first solo album. He's taking orders over at his MySpace now!  
  Apr. 2009: After two Dutch editions our good friends at Rock 'n' Roll Highschool are now working on an international edition of their great and very imformative magazine. This magazine will be the essential guide to the European music industry and a must have for everyone who works or wants to work in this industry. Click here for more info and pre-orders.  
  Mar. 2009: The Accelerators shot a video for 'I'm Not Sorry' from the new album. You can check it at YouTube.  
  Feb. 2009: You can download a whole bunch of songs from various Stardumb releases for free over at  
  Jan. 2009: We recently sold the last copies of our Retarded S/T CD, Ragin' Hormones 7" and Peawees 'Dead End City' LP. There's still some very last copies available from Interpunk but once those are gone it's probably gonna get a bit harder to find them.  
  Jan. 2009: THE MADD has got a great new video for their song "Jump Now!' Check it out on YouTube!  
  Dec. 2008: We're proud to announce Stardumb Records will release the debut album of Rotterdam's own Accelerators in March 2009, together with our UK friends at Squinty Joe Records. The album will be available on both CD and LP. More info will follow real soon!  
Nov. 2008:
Yesterday the sad news reached us that NATHANIEL MAYER passed away this weekend. After many months of complications and illnesses following a series of strokes, Nathaniel left us November 1, 2008. Rest in peace big man! You surely will be missed!
  Nov. 2008: Interpunk now carries a bunch of Stardumb vinyl that hasn't been available in the USA for a while. Check it out here!  
  Nov. 2008: We updated our web store. Several It's Alive releases as well as CD's by MTX, Exploding Hearts, High Tension Wires, Teen Idols etc. Check it out here!  
  Oct. 2008: Our KEPI GHOULIE / JERRY HORMOME 7" is now available from It's Alive (USA), Interpunk (USA), Sonic (NL) Squinty Joe (UK), Sugar & Spice (F), Recordshop Base (JP) and (D). More stores and mailorders around the globe including Asian Man follow real soon.  
  Oct. 2008: On Oct. 24 & 25 Kevin Aper & co organize the second Monster Zero Mash in Waterfront, a two day fest feat. the ZATOPEKS, The Copyrights, The Accelerators, The Guts and many more. Right after the Mash THE APERS will take off for a European tour with The Guts. More info can be found at their MySpace.  
  Oct. 2008: THE MADD will be playing with Sky Saxon & The Seeds at the Patronaat in Haarlem on November 20th.  
  Oct. 2008: There's an interview with JERRY HORMOME in Oor Magazine (the November issue that just came out) about his children's book-writing.  
  Sept. 2008: The ZATOPEKS will be touring Europe together with The Copyrights in October. Check their MySpace for tourdates.  
  Sept. 2008: KEPI THE BAND will be touring Europe in October and early November. Check their MySpace for tourdates.