Young Hasselhoffs - The Obsolete Man (CD)
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Young Hasselhoffs - The Obsolete Man (CD)

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The 3rd full length album from Omaha pop punkers The Young Hasselhoffs. Legend has it that this scorcher was set to come out back in 2011 but "The Hoff" himself had a problem with it so the CD's were vaulted never to see the light of day again by Insubordination Records. There's only a lucky few people out there who has one of the original CD's. Fast forward 10 years and here you are reading this and getting ready to make a most excellent choice. This super limited run is limited to only 100 copies. 

You & Me Against The World 
Not Tonight 
It Could Work Out This Time Around 
Run Away Tonight 
Matilda, Matilda 
I'm Already Gone 
Only You 
Just Hope I Can't Find My Way Home 
Back Where I Belong 

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