Stardumb 7" Party Pack (5 7" bundle) BUY 5, PAY 4!
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Stardumb 7" Party Pack (5 7" bundle) BUY 5, PAY 4!

Regular price €25.00

Buy 5 Stardumb 7 inches and pay only 4! 
Other combinations are possible! Read below. 

The standard Stardumb 7" Party Pack consists of: 
SDR.97 - Kepi Ghoulie - Winning Combination (red vinyl)
SDR.93 - Geoff Palmer - Many More Drugs (black vinyl)
SDR.91 - Kepi Ghoulie - Love Letter (pink vinyl)
SDR.64 - Kepi Ghoulie feat. Miss Chain - Zombie Crush (transparent teal blue vinyl)
SDR.85 - Mikey Erg - Bon Voyage EP (black vinyl)

You're welcome to switch one or more of these for 7 inches from the list below. Don't forget to mail clearly specifying the ones you would like to flip. 

Other 7 inches available for the Stardumb Party Pack: 
SDR.83 - Lucy and the Rats - Dark Clouds (black vinyl)
SDR.82 - Kepi Ghoulie - You're Keeping Me Alive (red vinyl)
SDR.80 - Local Drags - The Boys Are Still In Town EP (black vinyl)
SDR.76 - The Copyright / Kepi Ghoulie - Observation Wagon EP (black vinyl)

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