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Retarded - Retarded (LP)

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The debut album of Italy’s Retarded is pure Ramones-inspired madness, and got finally reissued on vinyl after 24 years! One of the best Italian punk albums of the 90’s, according to Rolling Stone Magazine. Including bonus track! 


A1 Let's Go In My Bedroom 
A2 Judy Wants To Be My Girl 
A3 You're Not Cool 
A4 Bikini Beach Party 
A5 Danny's Lie 
A6 Come Back To Me 
A7 Stupid Boy 

B1 Baby I Wanna Dance With You 
B2 Let's Keep Going The Show 
B3 Saturday Night I Wanna Go To The Show 
B4 Let's Dance & Twist Again 
B5 Baby Doll 
B6 I Wanna Be The Same 
B7 The Right Thing 
B8 Let’s Go (Let’s Go, Let’s Go) 

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