Minutemen - Sickles And Hammers (LP)
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Minutemen - Sickles And Hammers (LP)

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Recorded live at Mabuhay Gardens, San Francisco October 26th, 1981 and broadcast on KUSF-FM Radio. Limited to 500 copies. 


A1 Static 
A2 If Reagan Played Disco 
A3 Clocks 
A4 Warfare 
A5 Joy 
A6 The Maze 
A7 Joe McCarthy's Ghost 
A8 Maternal Rite 
A9 Black Sheep 
A10 Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love 
A11 Search 

B1 Prelude 
B2 History Lesson 
B3 Straight Jacket 
B4 More Joy 
B5 The Punch Line 
B6 Working Men Are Pissed 
B7 Fanatics 
B8 Definitions 
B9 Sickles And Hammers 
B10 Paranoid Chant 
B11 Tension 

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