Dee Dee Ramone I.C.L.C - Down And Out (LP)
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Dee Dee Ramone I.C.L.C - Down And Out (LP)

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Recorded live at The Venue, Edinburgh, Scotland 27/06/1994 

Dee Dee Ramone I.C.L.C. (Inter-Celestial Light Commune) was formed by Dee Dee and John Carco in 1994 in New York City. After several live shows and drummers as a three piece line up the two members decided to move to Amsterdam to record for Rough Trade Records. The four-song EP Chinese Bitch and the album I Hate Freaks Like You were both released in 1994. The band toured 22 countries in a 10-month period and they never toured in the U.S. This set in Scotland catches the big energy; some of the Ramones tracks are slower or even longer than the original versions and Dee Dee plays a wonderful version of Poison Heart all alone. (Fanclub) 


01. 53rd & 3rd 
02. All Is Quiet On The Eastern Front 
03. Bad Little Go Go Girl 
04. Born To Lose 
05. Chatterbox 
06. Chinese Bitch 
07. Chinese Rocks 
08. Creepy Feeling 
09. Don't Look In My Window 
10. Have You Seen The Light 
11. I Don't Wanna Walk Around With You 
12. I Don't Want To Get Involved With You 
13. I Hate Creeps Like You 
14. I Wanna Live 
15. I'm Making Monsters For My Friends 
16. Listen To My Heart 
17. Main Man 
18. Poison Heart 
19. Time Bomb 
20. Today Your Love, Tomorrow The World 

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