Boys, The - Boys Only (LP)
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Boys, The - Boys Only (LP)

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Despite strong followings in Holland and Norway, where keyboardist Casino Steel hailed from, London power-pop pioneers The Boys never achieved the British breakthrough they were due, and after three albums failed to chart, Steel quit, making more space for the twin-guitar attack of Matt Dangerfield and frontman Honest John Plain. Final album 'Boys Only' held echoes of the Ronettes’ riveting harmonies, the rock excess of Johnny Thunders and punky pop of the Ramones. ‘Miss You’ is a country punk salute to John Wayne and ‘Weekend’ got belatedly acknowledged as an edgy pop masterpiece. In short, a great Boys swansong! 


Wrong Arm Of The Law 
Poor Little Rich Girl 
Nothing Ventured 
Wonderful World 
The Scrubber 
Satisfaction Guaranteed 
Miss You 
Little White Lifeline 
Let It Rain 
Terminal Love 

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