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Apers - Skies Are Turning Blue (LP)

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Next to The Apers 5-LP Box Set (which is Stardumb Records' 100th release), we're releasing reissues of the band’s first 3 albums, including their third album ’Skies Are Turning Blue’ from 2005, which was never released on vinyl before! The LP appears on limited sunshine yellow vinyl, and is fully remastered by Perry Leenhouts (Travoltas). 

This album finds The Apers in a slightly more experimental mood than on their previous two records, which turned this album almost into the black sheep of their catalog. Those who gave the album a chance know there’s a lot to love here though, from the Jerry Hormone-penned lead single ‘Hey Girl’ to the classic Marien Nicotine tune ‘Wine & Dine’.  


A1 She Wants Everybody To Dance 
A2 Enjoy Your Life A Little 
A3 I'm That Guy 
A4 Hey Girl 
A5 It's You (Ever Since) 
A6 There She Goes Again 
A7 Hey Now 

B1 Annabelle 
B2 All You Need To Know 
B3 Just An Institution 
B4 Wine & Dine 
B5 It's Alright 
B6 Baby Call Back 
B7 You'll Never Say Goodbye 

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