James Sullivan - Vital Signs (CD)
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James Sullivan - Vital Signs (CD)

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London based James Sullivan (More Kicks, Suspect Parts) returns with his second solo album. Vital Signs’ expands James’ musical palette to include blitzed-out fuzz (‘Dronify’) and chewed-up chamber quartets (‘La Rochelle’), while never entirely abandoning the more familiar turf of sneakily self-lacerating melodic nuggets (‘All I Wanna Do’, ‘Endless Summer’). Fans of Paul Westerberg, Guided By Voices, John Cale, and Robyn Hitchcock can brace themselves for yet another captivating ride thanks to this exceptional songwriter.  


1. It’s Good To Be Wrong 
2. My Best Friend 
3. My Right Boot 
4. All I Wanna Do (Is Do Nothing With You) 
5. La Rochelle 
6. Day Late Dollar Short 
7. Endless Summer 
8. Dronify 
9. Guilty As Charged 
10. Back To The Start 

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