Various - Do You Remember Me? - A Tribute To Head (LP)
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Various - Do You Remember Me? - A Tribute To Head (LP)

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A1 So-Cho Pistons - Theme Of Head / No Hugging, No Learning
A2 The Manges - Senor Itchy
A3 Parasites - Spend The Night Alone
A4 Neon Bone - The Sissy
A5 Tough - I’ve Made My Peace With The Hippies
A6 Mega - They Used To Call Them Bums
A7 DeeCracks - Killed By Death
A8 The Putz - Don’t Go Looking In The Closet
A9 Isotopes - I Can See What You Dig
A10 The Suck - No One Likes A Snitch
A11 The Lorrainas - Stag Party
A12 The Mugwumps - Calvin And Susie

B1 Ratcliffs - 35 Years Older Than You
B2 Flamingo Nosebleed - Am I Fresh?
B3 The Livermores - Tireshredding
B4 Proton Packs - Gladys Kravitz
B5 Geoff Palmer - Always Know Your Enemies
B6 The Young Rochelles - Teachers Pet
B7 Johnny Terrien And The Bad Lieutenants - Magic 8 Ball
B8 Neck - Larry Tate
B9 Ratbones - Do You Remember Me?
B10 The Prozacs - Taking A Peek
B11 Volkov - Pull The Plug
B12 Jimmy Vapid - Ballad Of The Hamburglar

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