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Groovie Ghoulies - Lonely Heart Blues (7")

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LONG LOST alternate recordings of 2 Groovie Ghoulies classics!

What we've got here is a brand new Groovie Ghoulies 7" featuring two recently unearthed unreleased recordings from 2006 by Kepi, Roach and Scampi of two World Contact Day-era classics. KJ of Chixdiggit! even joins in for backing vocals on 'Planet Brian Jones'! 

Pressed in an edition of 500 on marbled burgundy and black vinyl, Anne Lepore of the The Machine Shop thinks we should call it Blood Wine or Vampire Blood color - I like them both so much I couldn't choose!

Available in the US from Eccentric Pop Records and The Machine Shop, available in the UK through Brassneck and in Australia through Endless Detention.

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