Geoff Palmer - Standing In The Spotlight (Cassette)
Memorable But Not Honorable

Geoff Palmer - Standing In The Spotlight (Cassette)

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After two critically acclaimed solo albums, Geoff Palmer (The Connection, The Guts, Kurt Baker Band) is back with his third full-length, this time coming with a surprising cover album. Ever since Screeching Weasel covered the self-titled Ramones debut, it became a tradition among punk rock bands to cover Ramones albums in their entirety. So far, Dee Dee King’s infamous 1989 rap album ’Standing In The Spotlight’ – hated by some, dearly loved by others – remained untouched, though. Until now! With the help of a bunch of friends (including Kurt Baker, Brad Marino, and Mass Giorgini), Geoff Palmer pays tribute to this piece of history by lovingly covering it, hopefully putting a spotlight on these songs to bring them to a new generation. 

1. Mash Potato Time 
2. 2 Much 2 Drink 
3. Baby Doll 
4. Poor Little Rich Girl 
5. Commotion in the Ocean 
6. German Kid 
7. Brooklyn Babe 
8. Emergency 
9. The Crusher 
10. I Want What I Want When I Want It 

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