Available now (6 euro each):



Art book (200+ full color pages) for 15 euro:

SDR.54 - The Art Of Kepi (feat. 500+ Kepi paintings)

LP's for 15 euro each:
SDR.56 - 'The Cult Of TOYS THAT KILL' compilation LP
- Last few copies of no. 101-200: Black vinyl w/ black & white sleeve

LP's for 12 euro each:
SDR.53 - The Windowsill - The Windowsill (LP + DL code)
SDR.30 - Wiseguy - Burning The Tracks (LP)
SDR.23 - Sonic Dolls - Riot At The Sheep Dog Trials (LP)

Double LP incl. CD for 16 euro:
SDR.50 - Various Artists - 50 (2LP+CD)

7 inches for 4 euro each:
SDR.47 - The Quotes / Doug Stanhope - Split (7")
SDR.46 - The Quotes - Mass Produced (7")
SDR.45 - The Madd - Are Left Behind (7")
SDR.44 - Nathaniel Mayer - I Found Out (7")
SDR.22 - Dirtshakes / Battledykes - Split (7")
SDR.21 - Wiseguy - Pull The Cup (7")
SDR.14 - The Favorats - Destination Outta Space (7")
SDR.04 - The Favorats - The Beauty & The Beach (7")

CD's for 8 euro each:
SDR.49 - Accelerators - Accelerators (CD)
SDR.42 - The Apers - Skies Are Turning Blue (CD)
SDR.41 - Zatopeks - Ain't Nobody Left But Us (CD)
SDR.34 - Groovie Ghoulies - Monster Club (CD)

CD's for 6 euro each:
SDR.40 - The Stilettos - Making History By Repeating It (CD)
SDR.38 - Beyond Lickin' - Return Of The Pantyhose Snatcher (CD)
SDR.37 - 69 Charger - Trash Deluxe! (CD)
SDR.36 - The Apers - Wild & Savage Apers (CD)
SDR.28 - Backwood Creatures - Living Legends (CD)
SDR.26 - Dirt Bike Annie / Popsters - Split (CD)
SDR.23 - Sonic Dolls - Riot At The Sheep Dog Trials (CD)
SDR.08 - The Nerds - Just Because... (CD)

CD's for 4 euro each:
SDR.43 - El Pino & The Volunteers - Cougar (CD-EP)
SDR.39 - V/A - Rock N Rolla Outta Controlla (CD)
SDR.30 - Wiseguy - Burning The Tracks (CD)
SDR.29 - V/A - The European Pop Punk Virus Vol. 2 (CD)
SDR.20 - Groovie Ghoulies - Freaks On Parade (CD-EP)
SDR.12 - V/A - The European Pop Punk Virus Vol. 1 (CD)

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