[July 2005] A RADIO WITS GUTS is recording a new album as we speak! This should be released by the end of the year, but more specific info about that will hopefully follow soon.

Some more BIG news is that Brandon will fly out to the Netherlands early September to make his first (and for now only) European appearance ever at the Rotterdam Rumble festival (Sept. 1, 2 & 3). Together with some friends he'll perform a set of A Radio With Guts and Connie Dungs songs as The 'A RADIO WITH GUTS' Experience.

We'll try to hit you with more updates soon, but for now listen to two 2004 demos of songs that will end up on the new record (Open Heart Surgery, Head), two songs from the 2002 debut album Beat Heart Sweet Stereo out on Knock Knock and Stardumb (Kentucky Straight Razor, Math And The Mocking Moon), an acoustic version of Werewolf Weather and two old Connie Dungs songs from the pre-A Radio With Guts days (Cigarette Buzz, Crush Your World).